The new Sous Rature is now live, and here's the lineup:

Shaula Evans

Ross Priddle

Aidan Thompson

Lydia Davis

Kyle Schlesinger

Uchay Joel Chima

Charles Freeland

Rebecca Wolff

Stephen Webber

Edwin Torres

Joel Chace

Danielle Pafunda

UrayoƔn Noel

Douglas A. Martin

Stephanie Strickland

Alejandro Crawford

Jared Hayes & Joseph Cooper

Erin Casey

Russsell Pascatore

Adam Katz

Thierry Brunet & Jeremy Geddes

Anselm Berrigan

Donald Breckenridge

Michael Basinski

Claire Hero

Judith Goldman

Jerome Rothenberg

Chris Rizzo & Katherine Sullivan

Anne Gorrick

Ching-In Chen

Andrew Zawacki

miniphillyphocus ::

dorothea lasky

adam fieled

paul siegell


jenn mccreary

sarah birl

alex kanevsky

mytili jagannathan

I'm happy to see a number of familiar names, and the work should prove interesting, as always. I'm excited about collaborating with Katherine Sullivan, a fantastically gifted visual artist. You can click directly over to see our experiment in forms here.