Have Such Scams Ever Worked?


Pardon this unsolicited mail by which I am introducing a matter worthy of your consideration and, ultimately, your involvement.

l am Mr. Gary Hsiao (a Branch Manager with Bangkok Bank PCL, Taiwan). I am seeking your collaboration in re-profiling and appropriating a substantial sum of money belonging to a client of my bank who died suddenly without naming a next-of-kin nor leaving a will. This opportunity will be of mutual benefit to the two of us.

I propose presenting you as the next-of-kin of the deceased and benefactor of his financial estate with all the necessary documents I shall provide to substantiate this assertion. If you are interested, kindly get back to me with as much personal contact information as you can comfortably avail me to commence the necessary legal paper work at huang20gary@kimo.com

Upon your response, l will avail you with the modalities we shall use to actualize my proposition. Please treat this proposition as private, discrete and confidential by virtue of my active service and position in the bank; if not interested you can delete this mail.


Mr. Gary Hsiao, Branch Manager
Bangkok Bank PCL, Taipei Branch
121, Sung Chiang Road
Taipei 10429, Taiwan