So, in the middle of a chaotic week, I took about an hour today to watch the Lannan Foundation film on Bob Creeley. I'd seen snippets before, but the entire interview/reading was a wonderful break from what's turning out to prove a tough month. I took notes, out of which an interesting constellation of articulations emerged: the "duration necessary for defining structure" (Creeley asks "What's the imagination of time?"), the situation of writing (wherein "you need the action"), rhythmical patterning of emotional states, and Duncan's "the body again becomes phenomenal." Creeley once told me to use Williams as measure. Those days are, for better or worse, gone. Watching this film I fully realized that Creeley, not Williams, has been the touchstone for quite some years now. The trick is: you ain't got to sound "like" him to learn from him.

Anyway, one Creeley joke: "I'm not depressed, but simply paranoid." Aren't we all?