Since my last post, I've not only returned to Albany after a brief stay with family in Florida, but I've also become aquainted with Mack's Kabuki. Are you familiar? If you've ever been interested in comics, and if you've any sort of infatuation with multimedia design, then I highly suggest you check this out. Powerful work.

As for the rest, so to speak...

I'm currently working on one long poem and two prose pieces, the first of which is on Olson and the second of which is on Ceravolo. Hopefully, I'll finally finish with both critical pieces by my deadline, this Monday. Then, continued reading (more James, Merleau-Ponty, and Whitehead), setting up a prose piece on Pynchon (need to read a book by Stearns, American Cool, first), and continuing on with the long poem. Well, make that "poem."