As my title for this post suggests, I'm melting.

And it's not only hot, but this humidity has me wondering if a snorkle would help my breathing at all. I did get a reprieve earlier today, though, as Dove & Hudson Books was an icebox. Picked up copies of Late Modernism, Becoming Modern: The Life of Mina Loy, A ZBC of Ezra Pound, Entropy and Art: An Essay on Disorder and Order, Kerouac's Spontaneous Poetics, and this hard-to-find gem, edited by none other than Pierre Joris:

Work by Antin, Armantrout, Bernstein, Eshleman, Hollo, F. Howe, Kelly, Mac Low, McCaffery, Palmer, Raworth, Schwerner, Tardos, and Waldman among many, many others. So this'll keep me busy. I'm also just about finished with Structuralism, by Piaget, first French edition 1968, if I recall correctly. I've been attracted to the idea of systems or structures that create their own laws for some time now, and much of my reading has pointed in that direction, including my snooping around the topic of Quantum Linguistics, which I'm hoping to post on sometime this week. I also just received in the mail The Advent of the Algorithm, which looks fascinating, as well as another Dusie chap, Scrawl, by Susana Gardner:

I'm looking forward to this one, too. I've been writing on these Dusi-e/chaps (all of which you can access here) and I'll most likely be posting my responses here, so check back from time to time if you're interested. Although my response to Jon Leon's text is up at the Dusie weblog, it doesn't look like it's getting all that much traffic, so I'll post it here soon, along with a response to The Good Campaign, by Amy King. There are a few others on deck, too, so stay tuned.