Another Day Word

Disambiguate, tr.v. dis·am·big·u·at·ed, dis·am·big·u·at·ing, dis·am·big·u·ates

To establish a single grammatical or semantic interpretation for.

I'm wondering about the definitive status of "establish," "single," "grammatical," "semantic," and "interpretation," as well as "to," "a," "or," and "for" in this context....

The ever proper OED says that "Disambiguation" is not only a process of ambiguity's removal, but also the result of said removal. Process and product in one, as one, for one...?

Another definition of "Disambiguation" is: "From many possible translations picking the one with minimum semantic distance." What's interesting here is the phrase "semantic distance," as though measurement's involved. Isn't meaning itself a measurement?

A measure for measure?