At the Deja

Just returned home from a great trip to MA. With its several readers and multiple approaches to what you might loosely call poetics, the reading was interesting. Some strong performances by poets for an amiable group of listeners. I read most of The Breaks, and then read parts of Full on Jabber with Jess, who, despite not having had enough time to go over the poems thoroughly beforehand, read fantastically (I sprung the idea to read Jabber on him the day before the reading, just call me Mr. Spontaneous). The space was small, intimate. Which is one of the reasons why I so thoroughly enjoyed reading there.

And now I'm planning yet another trip. This time, I'm off to Florida to see my folks for about two weeks, during which time I'm hoping to write about the Dusie project at length. In a nutshell, the Dusie project is a collective publishing venture, each poet printing multiple copies of their text and sending them to the others in the collective. Very interesting project, and some very interesting work. More soon on that.

Alright? Alright.