"Why is it this cold in my head?"

Listening to Coolidge's American Ones...


Some things-to-do over the next week:

1. Finish Rasula's Syncopations
2. Read Notley's Coming After
3. Finish response to Hoy's piece on Flarf.
4. Meet up with C, M, and M for coffee and talk.
5. Finish response to reading of Lars Palm's Mindfulness
6. Write on poems that County has been posting lately. Whoa, good stuff.
7. "Let's say Thelonius Monk."
8. Deleuze, Deleuze, Deleuze...
9. Draw up outline for paper on birds for example
10. Reread some H.D.
11. Read Waldman's Marriage: A Sentence
12. Start notes on meter/scansion/accent/emphasis/etc. paper
13. Lucky 13. Write poems.

I'm becoming a Sudafed junkie. As soon as the fog in my head lifts, I'll get to work on this list. Maybe post some of the writing on poems. Adieu.