"Rejecting calls for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, Bush said, 'There is no peace in retreat'. He also slapped at those who complain he took the country to war on the erroneous grounds that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

'Hindsight alone is not wisdom', Bush said. 'And second-guessing is not a strategy'." (AP, "US Must Get Free of Mideast Oil"*)

You see, Mr. President, if one does not invade another country, then one does not need to "retreat." Right? Right. And I agree that "second-guessing is not a strategy." Perhaps that's why I agreed with the collective stance of both France and Germany before you began bombing Iraq so long ago. (The state of that particular union was ignored, remember?) Presidential memory can certainly be selective, right? Right.

Johnny here seems to accurately sum-up the degree of sympathy I have for the all-so-wisely spun saying: "Hindsight alone is not wisdom." Who's writing this guy's speeches these days, Bill O'Reilly?