Possibly starting a sequence of poems that take their titles from Corso’s The Happy Birthday of Death. You know, that list of Saleable Titles that begins the text. That’ll be the name of the project: Saleable Titles.

I’ve been playing on a different blog lately, viz., my notes for a poetics class I’m taking with Pierre Joris.

Rewriting Random Access Memory. Again.

Fairly soon, I’m going to dump every poem/sequence/collection that I’ve written in the past five or six years into one gigantic ms.: Poems Nobody Wants to Read. Such a title is, um, apt. Or, maybe, Paper Weight Lingo. Maybe Oprah will dig it.

Switched from Marlboro Reds to Marlboro 27’s.

Waiting on binder’s thread (ordered by mail, like I’m living in Alaska) to finish the next Anchorite project, a chapbook by Theo Hummer.

What else?

Oh yeah, Don Byrd is a genius. Seriously.

Just received some Cy Press publications in my mailbox (big Thanks! to Dana) which I’ll post about soon. Although, to begin with, get your hands on a copy of Magazine Cypress 3. No, I mean right now.

Also, if you haven’t heard, Wherever We Put Our Hats #3 has just come out. I still need to get a copy, but past issues were brilliant. Jon Leon’s doing some great work with that mag.

My neighbors like th'phat bass, yo.

I need a 27.